WIRED. Is the young professional organization powered by WPP NL.
We stand for connecting, inspiring and having lots of fun!

WIRED. is a Dutch networking organization for the young spirited WPP’ers in the Netherlands. WIRED. strives to connect and inspire WPP’ers from different agencies via networking events and social activities. WIRED. also acts as a ‘sounding board’ so the needs and wishes of Young WPP Professionals are heard within the organization.

We organize several activities throughout the year so you can get to know your colleagues outside of work. By joining WIRED. you will have the opportunity to connect with other WPP’ers, and develop yourself on a personal and professional level.


WIRED.'s committees

WIRED. consists of the board committee and the following four standing committees:

  • WIRED. Connect: This committee organizes all kinds of events in order to connect and to inspire our members. All of course, in a fun way. Last year we organized for instance a 'Foute Bingo' to meet colleagues from other agencies and a workshop hosted by transgender Charlie Robertson.


  • Party: The WIRED.-Party committee organizes the most amazing parties for our members. Last year we organized e.g. a Halloween party and a Back to the 90's party.


  • Winter sport: WIRED. organizes an annual Ski trip. A great way to connect with your colleagues. This year we went to Austria with about 65 WIRED. members.

  • WIRED. Initiative: This is a brand new committee as of 2024. The idea is that every year the Initiative committee will organize 1 big event. All members get to vote and the most popular activity will be organized in real live. Think of a big padel tournament or a gala. Ideas? Let us know! Share your suggestions here.


We are actively recruiting new members for our standing committees. If you feel like joining any of our committees, please let us know. You can email us at info@wiredwpp.nl

Why you definitely want to join WIRED.

As a member of WIRED. you can join all activities organized by the network.
WIRED. is first and foremost fun and interesting. You have the opportunity to get to know your peers and develop yourself on a personal and professional level.

How much do I need to invest to join WIRED.?

You can become a WIRED. member for only 25 euros a year.
The WIRED. membership grants you access to WIRED.’s organized activities (with free food and drinks).
WIRED strives to organize 10 events every full calendar year, which are exclusive to WIRED. members only.


Need more information?

Do you want to learn more about WIRED., the activities or the membership? Please contact the WIRED. board. by email: info@wiredwpp.nl 


Let's get WIRED.