WIRED. Is the young professional organization powered by WPP. We stand for connecting, inspiring and having lots of fun!

WIRED. organizes social activities, sessions and training for your personal and professional development and networking events. WIRED also acts as a 'sounding board' so the needs and wishes of Young WPP Professionals are heard.



WIRED. is focused on engaging Young professionals in every imaginable way and organizes the following activities:

  • WIRED-Inspire: Sharing knowledge, ambitions and challenges with a focus on personal and professional development
  • WIRED-Meets: Networking and connecting within Kantar and other WPP agencies.
  • WIRED-Party: Social activities and networking drinks

What does WIRED. do?

WIRED. organizes several activities throughout the year. Social activities, so you can get to know your colleagues outside of work. But also training and other sessions for personal and professional development.

Why you definitely want to join WIRED.

By joining WIRED. as a member, you can join all activities organized by the network. WIRED. is first and foremost fun and interesting. You have the opportunity to get to know (new) people and development yourself on a personal ánd professional level.

How much do I need to invest to join WIRED.?

You can become a WIRED. member for only 25 euro's a year. Membership grants you access to all activities for and by WIRED. Activities (training sessions, drinks, social activities and more) are exclusive for WIRED. members.

Already a YoungM or YoungKantar member? No worries, you will automatically become a Wired member.

Need more information?

Do you want to learn more about WIRED., the activities or the membership? Please contact the WIRED. board. by email: info@wiredwpp.nl 


Let's get WIRED.